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Technical specifications

Tipical use:
Night time
Light source:
Type of beacon:
flashing (Morse code letter H)
White according to CIE Chromaticity Boundary
Light Intensity:
> 2500 cd (3%, 10% e 100%)
Horizontal coverage:
Input voltage:
48 Vdc
Power consumption:
220 W (valore di picco) 44 watt (valore medio con duty cycle 0,2s)
Average life:
100000 hours
Temperature range:
from -40 °C to +55 °C
Protection degree:
Material of the body:
Material of the transparent cap:
Polycarbonate CAP (UL94-V2)
7.0 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH):
200x200x230 mm

Available options

Input voltages:
12 Vdc (art. SEGS12H2K), 24 Vdc (art. SEGS24H2K) and 48 Vdc (art. SEGS48H2K)
Control board:
Control board for power supplying and monitoring
Anchor basement:
Anchor basement (art. SCSG00120) for pole with diameter up to 120 mm